Middle East and N Africa Evergreen Portfolio Liquidation- in progress.

Forty-four equity and debt investments in 12 Arab countries - both minority and majority positions in companies with varied outlook and investment structures. Evaluation phase comprised of portfolio assessment, with specific exit or hold strategy applied to each investment. Certain assets targeted for exit and/or restructuring, other potential growth assets evaluated on need for capital, management adequacy with agreed action plan to be implemented over time..

Distressed Portfolio Liquidation –  completed.

Successfully restructured and/or exited 26 investments across 16 countries (US, Europe, Latin America, Africa, Asia) including 8 physical assets, 8 private equity assets, 7 defaulted loans, 3 illiquid listed equities with an average holding period of 3 years.  Sectors included mining, power, real estate, financial services, telecom, gaming/electronics.  Played significant operational role in several control investments.

IDB Infrastructure Fund (Rename “Infrastructure Fund Liquidation”) – completed

Successful liquidation of $1 billion multi-sector infrastructure portfolio spread across numerous countries in the MENA, Asia and South Asia Region.  Sectors included airport services, airlines, telecom, power, mining, petrochemicals, toll roads, and business process outsourcing.  Exits comprised of asset sales, private sales to third party portfolio investors as well as strategic buyers, and post-IPO liquid stock sales on public markets,